Pigment №3-2015

1500 ₽ × = 1500 ₽


On the cover:
Model: Anastasia
Photographer: Denis Georgiyevsky


“Do not eat too much and do sport with pleasure” Beauty breakfast with Anastasia Grebenkina

Choosing the best sketch of permanent make-up (participants of the project are artists of the
Studio School of Tatiana Shubina)

Beauty Academy: Decorative permanent make-up of eyelids (Round Table with Anna Zabolotnaya, Elena Nikora, and Ria Vágvölgyi Noéné)

Workshop of the basic level Anna Zabolotnaya. Classic two-colors shadows with shading

Sviatoslav Otchenash. Stardust shadows: artistic multi-colored shading

Elena Olshanskaya. Permanent make-up of eyelids: “Gradation” technique

Rebecca Chung. Microblading effect of eyelashes high volume


Linda Paradis. Tattoo removal techniques for poor quality permanent make-up: safe and dangerous

Tatiana Petraitis. Decorative covering on the basis of the “Butterfl y” technique

Miroslava Goditskaya. Manual and machine techniques: objective comparison

Elena May. Restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes: permanent make-up artist and plastic surgeon collaboration

Anna Zabolotnaya. Dermapigmentation for men

Sharing Experience. Anna Savina answers to the artists questions

The best permanent make-up artists of Latin America

Top-10. Most unconnected to permanent make-up professions


Mayya Timchenko. Mobile application for beauty business

Denis Georgiyevsky. Useful photo tips for permanent make-up artists

Aleksey Chebotarev. Design of clinic with a cabinet of permanent make-up artist

Clients want to know. Answers by Anna Zabolotnaya


Anna Savina. Winter permanent make-up: careful with the sun and frost!

Events calendar of the permanent make-up world: winter-fall 2015-2016


Family celebration (photo project with Zabolotnys, Chebotarevs, Osipova and Makeyevs, Dzhumashevs, Arustamyans, Konovalov and Didukh, Klyavins)

Winter shining: gorgeous eyes. Make-up trends for fall and winter season 2015/16

Reports about the most iImportant professional events: Belgrade, Yekaterinburg, Athens, Amsterdam, Rome

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