Pigment №2 (5)-2016

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Model - Anna Semenovich

Guest of the issue

“We create our own fate”: 
Beauty-breakfast with  Anna Semenovich

In focus

Choosing the best sketch for permanent make-up: (participants of the project — Natalya Fazlutdinova, Eva Pashchenko, Olesya Tkacheva)

Beauty academy: experts talk about 3D techniques (round table with Marika Huhashvili, Sviatoslav Otchenash, Ali Torres) 

In focus (workshops) 

Tatiana Shubina: 
Permanent make-up of eyebrows in 3D technique

Toni Belfatto: 
Notes on male dermopigmentation

Anna Zabolotnaya: 
Permanent make-up of lips in 3D technique

Anna Savina:
Face Illumination technique

Sanja Grbic: 
Permanent make-up of areola and nipple using realistic 3D-shading technique 

High skills 

Yulia Chebotaryova compares the pigments for eyebrows  

Elena Olshanskaya: 
Aesthetic dermopigmentation after blepharoplasty 

Michel Pfulg: 
PMU after blepharoplasty

Anna Savina: 
7 myths about permanent make-up

Exchanging the experience: 
Anna Savina answers the questions from the artists


Anna Florence Ferrario-Fichter:
"I am a workaholic and a very passionate person..."

Top-10 artists from Baltic countries

Wade Cheng answers the questions from Pigment magazine

Inna Babitskaya: 
Rejuvi Tattoo Remover: Russian experience  

Alexey Khvesenya: 
"The sixth sense" won't let you down


Elena Skopintseva: 
Everything for the comfort of guests and employees

Roman Turov: 
Secrets of the efficient participation in professional exhibitions

Lalita Kalinina: 
The role of administrator in the PMU salon

Alisa Gracheva: 
Correct photo editing

Client wants to know 
(Natalia Pastukhova answers the question from the clients) 


PMU world events calendar: autumn-winter 2016/17

Journey for the exotics 


Playing classic (photoproject with Irina Levchuk, Albina Sattarova, Sofia Alyabyeva, Natalia Udovichenko, Irina Shorova, Anna Savina)

Fresh tone and marine blue: 
Make-up trends for autumn 2016-2017

Reports about the most important professional events: Kazan, Minsk,  Rome, Berlin, New York

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