Pigment №1 (4)-2016

1500 ₽ × = 1500 ₽


Model - Albina Djanabaeva


Better less, but better…» Beauty-breakfast with Albina Djanabaeva


Choosing the best sketch for permanent make-up (participants – artists from Saint Petersburg)

Beauty academy: permanent make-up of lips (round table with Larisa Mozarina, Alla Rybalkina, Olga Kravchenko)

Elena Stepanova
Basic level workshop. Basic school: permanent make-up of lips

Linne Ekelund
Ideal lips

Anna Savina
“Salvador Dali” technique

Yulia Chebotaryova
Comparative analysis of pigments for PMU of lips


Tünde Mehn
Camouflage hair stroke technique with different colors

Anna Savina
Seven typical mistakes in PMU of brows

Exchanging the experience:
Anna Savina answers the questions from the artists


“My main priorities are my clients and my art” (interview with Tina Davis)

Top-10 PMU artists from Belarus republic

Inga Babitskaya
Aesthetic dermopigmentation of areola after mastectomy and reconstructive mammoplastics
Charity project

Irina Bestuzheva, Ilya Shatalov
Art vs medicine: almost no contradictions


Dmitriy Kuznetsov
Trademark – a good name of the business

Sergey Lavrukhin
Shooting the video of permanent make-up

Client wants to know
Anna Zabolotnaya’s answers to the clients’ questions


Anna Zabolotnaya
Time for renewal: new technologies of anti-age permanent make-up

Valeriya Barchenko
Special aspects of permanent eyelid make-up for aged customers

Calendar of events in the world of permanent make-up
Spring-summer 2016

Anna Savina
Per aspera to the prize. Advice to the participants of the championships


Changes of times (photoproject by photography artist Denis Georgievskiy, mehendi artist Lyudmila Kushnir and jewellery designer Vesna Milocevic)

Air of freshness (trends in make-up of the season spring-summer 2016)


International Assembly of permanent make-up artists

Pigment Club: the opening

Reports about the most important events in the world of fashion, beauty and permanent make-up: Lviv, Rome, Dubai

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